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It's my dream

Jaks and I have just discovered "Blue's Clues". What at first seemed to me like a most annoying children's program turned out to be what Oprah would call "an aha moment" for me, both as a mother and as a dreamer. When I used to work as a waitress, slinging beer for ten hours a day, I would come home every night and have the most terrifying dreams. Customer A would be waiting for his pizza while Customer B was waiting for her pina colada, and with the ice machine  broken, and the cooks having quit because there was no food in the fridge, I, Super Waitress would be in charge of everything. In almost every dream, the customers would walk out at the same time as a group of seniors would walk in demanding separate bills despite the computer being down. These dreams were awful, and they can only be fully understood by people who have worked in the service industry. One friend once had a waitress dream where her section was in the football field at the nearby college. Despite quitting the service industry years ago, I still have "waitress dreams" from time to time. But, there's one difference now that I'm no longer a waitress. I've learned that it is possible to manipulate your dream. If a customer is being rude or needy, I simply tell them that I'm not really a waitress anymore, and then I go back to my peaceful sleep.

In the last few months Jaks has been hinting at the fact that she is having bad dreams. She talks about a scary light and a green dancing moon. She often wakes up screaming and then goes right back to sleep. She loves suns and moons, to the point of obsession, so it is odd to me that these are also the subjects of her nightmares. But on Blue's Clues yesterday, Steve taught the cartoon princess that your dream is your own, and that if you don't like what you're dreaming just change it. They changed her monster into a cake, the scary trees into balloons, and a rickety fence into party hats. The haunted house dream quickly became a party.

Now, if I hadn't already learned how to manipulate my own adult dreams, I might have thought this was too good to be true. But, since Jaks has a more powerful imagination than I do, why wouldn't she be capable of changing her dreams? Though the concept of changing a nightmare into a pleasant dream may be too difficult for a toddler to understand, surely a child a little older could give it a try. And, rather than just trying to change my waitress dreams into sleep, I think next time I have one, I might turn my customer into the bartender, and start ordering my favourite frozen drinks. This may be the only way for a pregnant woman soon to be nursing mom to get served!

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