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Census 2006

After promising three strangers on three separate days in a row that I would fill out the 2006 Census even though the deadline had passed, I finally got down to business.

The third lady had kindly given me an access number that I would need to do the deed on the Internet since we had lost the original forms. Nice, but not a number that worked. So, my adventure began. I called the help line and got a new access number and the kind lady on the phone said it would take about 20 minutes to do since I had to do the long form. I wondered why we had to do the long form? Could she tell by my name and address that there was more than just me? She suggested that I wait until after 8:00 and I didn't know if she meant that because she heard a toddler screaming in the background or what. Anyhow, I took her advice and then I forgot again.

In the morning, I set Jackson up with cereal and breakfast dessert in order to find twenty minutes to fill out the forms. But forty minutes later, after filling out six pages to confirm that we were not natives that none of our ancestors were natives, and that we didn't live on native reserves, I realized that I still had to answer all of the farming questions. No, we don't have a farm. No, we aren't farmers. No we don't sell livestock. No No No. By this time, Jackson was reciting this simple phrase over and over and over.

One is Mommy. Two is Daddy. Three is Jackson.

It was her own little way of filling out the census. And, it was exactly what I wanted to tell the Canadian government. There are three of us. Two parents. One child. We are Canadian.

Almost an entire hour later, when the little red bar promised me that I was about 96% finished, the website cut out. All along there was a button that gave me the option to stop, save, and resume later. All along, except for after I had filled out 96%. At this point, the link went dead and the screen apologized.

Our website is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

At this point, all I could do was laugh. All Jackson could do was count to three. Am I going to make another effort to fill out this ridiculous form, that can't understand that no means no? No. And, it makes me wonder how many others bothered to do it, even if it is the law. Is it the law?






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Posted by Andrea:

Yes. You are going to jail.;)
6.06.06 @ 14:55

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