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Bloggers Block

I keep meaning to blog a new blog, but I feel like I need to have some sort of important topic or funny experience to share. Surely in the past two weeks something fascinating or odd or frightening must have happened to a pregnant mother of one point five. And yet, try as I might, I can't think of something to share with the rest of the world that doesn't know my blog exists. This feeling kind of reminds me of keeping a journal back in grade school. The kind where you had a big empty spot on the top and a few lines below to describe what you drew. You had fifteen minutes to fill the piece of paper with something important for your audience of one. (That's you A.) Today I have even less than that before the battery runs out on this computer.  I suppose I could write about how I have a lopsided tummy, or how my hair fits in ponytails again. That would make a pretty picture. Or, how my whole house is decked out in rose petals and Dean has asked that no more flowers be brought into the house because there's nothing manly happening. I could tell the story about how Jaks has learned the word "na" which is far more intolerable than a simple "no". Wait, I just did.

I read recently that writer's block is simply a case of not believing in what you're writing. Is that the same for bloggers block?

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Posted by A.:

I love to read this - it breaks up my day at work, plus I get a little 'voyeuristic' as though I'm reading your diary!! I disagree with the writer's block = not believing thing. Sometimes the creativeness comes out in different ways, or can be stifled by other life-concerns, but not believing? I wholeheartedly disagree. Break free from bloggers block and buy a big batch of beer for bestfriend Bill. Or use a technique, such as alliteration, to jump start your mighty pen. Or use sarcasm.
6.14.06 @ 15:47

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