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"Calling Forth Our Gifts"

Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance entry for August 10th (This book is too addictive; I can't bear to read it in tiny blurbs) is something every creative person needs to read. What it reminds us of is that we can always choose to say "no"  to something we are inspired to do, such as write a novel or a poem. But, what we aren't free to do, is to be angry or surprised when we later see a very similar thing done well by someone else. As Breathnach puts it so simply, "the Great Creator moves on until a willing artist with an open heart offers to become the creative conduit."

Well, that was enough to motivate me to jump back into the one project that I know has been inspired by the Great Creator. Sure, my novel has consumed me over the past few years, and I have loved making up characters and scenes and telling a fictional story. However, the journal I wrote while Mom was suffering from leukemia has always felt like the true tale that needs wings. I know in my heart it doesn't belong in the middle drawer of the dresser upstairs, 'nor in an ignored file marked on my desktop. It's not fair to keep this project to myself, considering it wasn't really my idea. I don't know how or where, but I'm determined now more than ever to let it fly. With God's help it will find its way into the world where someone who needs comforting will find they aren't alone. And as for the other creative whispers that come in the future, I will surely pay more attention thanks to Sarah Ban Breathnach's wise words: "Remember, before anything exists on earth, it exists fully formed in Spirit."



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