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A Child's First Prayer

Jaks got her first answer from God. I pray for her all of the time, but this is the first time she has really prayed for something herself. God please send Harmony Bear home. We miss her.

It only occurred to me after I lost my journal last week that we should be praying for the safe return of Harmony Bear. This strange panic took over me after I searched under every bed, chair, and cushion and in every bag, stroller, and drawer for my notebook. In all of the years of writing I have never lost a journal. I usually remember to write my phone number in the front of it but I can't remember ever misplacing one for more than a minute or two. All I could do that day was sit and wonder where it was and who was reading it. I tried to remember what I had been writing about in the last few weeks and hoped it wasn't anything too embarrassing or boring. Eventually, after about four hours of feeling like the world was going to end, I thought of praying for its safe return. It seemed crazy to pray for something that I knew could not be in the house because I had looked everywhere, but I forced myself to do it. And do it hard and with meaning. (On my knees, as I always do when I'm very serious about getting an answer.) Within an hour, I was physically hugging my journal after finding it behind a couch where I had already looked.

It was the same with Harmony Bear. We had looked for it for weeks, checking all of the same places where I looked for my notebook. We had even accused other toddlers of taking it home. (To think I almost called Trevor to see if he had accidentally packed my notebook in his suitcase with his clean laundry pile!) I assumed the bear had fallen out of the stroller somewhere and was lost forever. When it was obvious to us that the bear was nowhere to be found I told Jaks that Harmony went on a trip. She accepted this, but talked about the bear's return on a daily basis. I even told Dean he should look for a replacement on eBay. Then, after the miracle journal moment, it occured to me that the bear might actually be in the house. I suggested to Jaks that we start asking God for Harmony Bear's safe trip home. She went along with it, and a few bedtime prayers later, guess who crawled out from under the bed? The same bed, where we looked for it at least ten times already!

There are definitely lessons to be learned from lost things. People might laugh, but I'd call this a little miracle.

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