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Tales from the Hood


A new idea came to me in the shower, as it often does. For ten minutes every second or third day, the shower is my one place for uninterrupted brain wave activity. (Except for half the time when I have a carseat and a four month old on the floor plus a three-year old with her pants half down on the potty.) Since I still have no idea how to build a readership, I figured, why not at least pretend to have one? At least until I can figure out what my online presence is, and more importantly why I want or need one. What I realized today was that just like any kind of writing, a blog ought to be written for a particular audience. And, since Mothers who Blog are hardly unique, I figured there ought to be some other way to make my blog different. So, how about Mothers who write? Or, even Mothers who want to publish a novel? Since I can't seem to find a good book on it, perhaps there isn't a good blog on it either. Basically, I wil do anything to convince myself that keeping a more regular blog is a good idea. Then again, we all know (me, myself, and I) that a daily blog is never going to happen during this stage of my life and career. So, I'll just forgive myself now, and agree to blog when an inspiration bellows.

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