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My New Writer's Cove

I've figured something out, all you mothers who want to write, but can't find the time or space. It's called writing from the royal throne. Well, not exactly, but close to it. You see, I got a new floor pillow for Christmas. I put this on my list because I realized that I spend most of my time in the living room sitting on the floor with my kids rather than on our beautiful cozy couches. Now, anyone who has been to our house knows that the bathroom is the warmest room, okay, the only warm room in the house. One cold evening last week I decided to bring my new pillow into the bathroom to do a little journaling. Well, not only did I get some journaling done, I was warm, cozy, and most importantly not interrupted. Joey can't smell me from in there, and though Jackson doesn't think twice about pushing her way through the door when I'm doing my potty business, she has little interest in being in there with me when I'm showering. So, I've started showering in the evening after putting the two babes to bed. Then, while drying off I sit on my new pillow on the floor, do some writing, and by the time I get out, two kids are often asleep! I've been doing it for almost a week now, and so far, it's working. (That and Julia Cameron's latest book of the Artist Way Trilogy.) I have been so inspired that I decided to put that novel that I can't seem to finish (LIfe of Pi-I love the writing, but I have nightmares if I read it before bed) on the back of the toilet. And, guess what else moms? Nothing will inspire you to polish the toilet like sitting on the floor facing it every night while you enjoy a moment of creative solitude. I made that thing sparkle today.

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