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The Village People

" It Takes a Village to Raise a Child " African Proverb

While I sometimes long to adopt a grandparent from this aging community to help my husband and I raise our children, there are several people who play an important part in our family village. Today I'd like to recognize a few of them as a way of reminding myself that Dean and I are not in this alone.

Jackson's Sunday school teacher works as a dental assistant, teaches Sparks, has two children of her own and one on the way, but still makes time to share fun games, crafts and treats with a large bunch of preschoolers every Sunday morning. Her creativity and stamina amaze me, and she will be sadly missed come April. I bet you've never heard a child as excited to go to church as ours.

I'm also thankful for Miss H and Miss K who give our family the mini-break we need from each other twice a week in a safe and playful environment. Jackson always comes home from preschool happy, energetic, and full of imagination. Joey also loves these mornings when he gets to have us to himself.

Jackson and Joey's Auntie Andrea is also part of this village. She has been with us through the sappy and happy days and the pukey and poopy days. She is both our angel on wheels and our home away from home. Every village needs an Auntie like ours.

My baby group with its eight moms and nine tots now has two more on the way. We are each a part of each other's village, and without the support and friendship of these women, my smiles and patience would be fewer and farther between! While some days it feels like Dean and I are on a secluded island away from our families, today I'm thankful for the village people.

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