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Earth Hour Reflections

As I sit next to my Cranberry Mandarin candle jotting blogger thoughts in my notebook, I can't help but imagine all of the other writers out there spending Earth Hour in a similar way. I can almost hear their laptops shutting down and their pens hitting the page. Reflecting by candlelight is hardly a sacrifice for a writer on a Saturday night. Right now I am picturing writers around the world coming to life. They are filling empty pages with their favorite colored pens, pausing often to take in the pleasure of silence and the flickering light. I see them sitting on floor pillows in their writer's dens surrounded by books written by writers who, long ago, had no other way of creating their stories in the evening hours but by candlelight. I imagine all writers as earth lovers. After all, these are the people who are desperate to learn all of the names of the trees, and flowers, and birds in other people's backyards.

Not only does this hour make me think that most writers are probably earth huggers, but I think all children, with the smallest of nudges, could be too. When I told Jackson that she couldn't have her reading light on tonight because of Earth Hour, she didn't complain, but instead suggested we unplug her night light as well. She helped me go around the house and turn off all of the power bars, making sure to point out any red lights from appliances that she spotted. How easy it was to convince a four-year-old to be good to the Earth, even without her understanding its endangered future.

Earth Hour to me feels a little bit like Christmas morning when you know people around the world are doing similar things.  Millions of us told the Earth how much we cared today, and millions of us felt good while doing it. Surely, we could all benefit from this do good feeling for more than an hour a year. Would anyone, writers, mothers or others, like to join me in observing Earth Hour on the last Saturday night of every month?

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Posted by Ana:

yup, i'm totally for it. and i totally need a reminder lol! add me to the list (i'll send you a picture of our earth hour via fb in a bit). :)
4.21.08 @ 12:04

Posted by Tara:

What a delightful image. Play-doh by candlelight. I can see it in an ad campaign right now. If you're into trying out this once a month "Earth Hour" thing with your family let me know. I'm going to send out a reminder on the last Friday of the month to anyone who wants to join me. It might not be as effective in the summer hours for those of us with young children who go to bed before the sun goes down. At least we can keep the TV off. Thanks for visiting here!
4.03.08 @ 9:07

Posted by Ana:

We spent Earth Hour doing play-doh by candlelight. And had the same thought: we should do this more often.
4.02.08 @ 17:11

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