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It's Worth Taking a Look at these Blogs

I was honoured that this old Writing Blog was tagged by Barbara Sakamoto of The Teaching Village this week in the "It's Worth Taking a Look at this Blog" initiative. I've been so busy inspiring other people to write this year via MyEC, that I haven't returned to my personal blog in ages.  As some of the ELT bloggers have done before me, I'll be sharing blogs not specifically related to teaching English! For the purpose of this fun exercise, I will not be ashamed to promote friends, colleagues, and even family! Here are 10 blogs to check out. If you're on this list, consider yourself tagged. (in other words you are supposed to write a blog with this title and image featuring 10 blogs worth looking at)

2 for Creativity 
I cannot live without a regular dose of Keri Smith, the most creative person I don't know. Wish Jar is my favourite blog of all time. When Keri had a baby a while back, I feared her blog would disappear. It didn't. 

Jennifer Louden's Comfort Queen blog and books helped me continue in my creative path during the early and demanding years of motherhood. After reading a library copy of the Comfort Queen,  I bought a copy and left it on a bench for a stranger. I often wonder who picked it up. Thank you Jennifer. 

2 for Tech 
If my children could have @langwitches for a teacher I would be one happy mama. I'm begging teachers to check out this blog and take the time to bring technology, collaboration and creativity into the classroom. My daughter is starving for a teacher like this. I've considered asking if Silvia wants a virtual student.

Okay it's a microblog and it belongs to my own husband, but he's my main tech source and twitter keeps him sane while our kids drive him crazy.  He finds all of the coolest stuff first, like Picnik which was just bought by Google. You must follow @deannop.

2 for MyEC Members
This blog is written by a doctor in Hong Kong. His posts are so useful for English learners that we asked him to be a moderator on MyEC. His latest post reveals how he saved a life because he spoke English.  

Teacher Melanie recently joined MyEC and though she has her own blog, she still takes time to share help out learners on EC's Ning. I wish more teachers would join and share ideas with thousands of learners.

2 for Colleagues
What many people don't know is that I am freelance writer. I help out with various projects in the ELT world, especially EC and TN. I'm so thankful to be able to work with amazing people from afar. Did you know EC's founder, Josef Essberger, has a blog called Joe's Cafe? He's a busy man, but when he writes, it's damn good! I wish he could find time to share more rants and raves. 

While working on The Learning English Video project I found the archives of Daniel Emmerson's blog Bloated Winter Stock. The director's writing astounds me and is worth checking out if you love to write. 

2 +1 Blogs I'm Excited About
Having recently converted to a Mac, I can't stop looking at Macmillan's Global website. It's the prettiest I've seen in this industry! I love the idea of collaborative blogs, like Barbara's Teaching Village, and I can see Global's collaboration  of teacher posts being another favourite in my reader.   

While waiting for word from two literary presses about my novel, I'm reading a great book I can't put down called How to Become a Famous Writer Before You're Dead. Ariel Gore tells it like it is and she's not against self-publishing and bad hair days. I was so happy to find her blog.   

bonus blog
i was so excited to find our today that my old locker partner from high school has a new blog! i knew ana's blog would be beautiful because i have seen her creations on FB and on her website. she's going to make me some pillow covers and i am super excited about having a little piece of her creativity in my living room. my shift key isn't broken, but this is why i'm not using it to link you to imadeitso.com. ana's site also looks picture perfect on my new mac.
If you've come to the end of this blog, please send some positive thoughts to the editor currently reading my novel. I'd love to get my own blog back in business and I'm running out of socks! 
3 total marks.

Posted by ana:

thanks tara! i'm excited about working on your project! :)
5.13.10 @ 19:29

Posted by Barbara Sakamoto:

Thanks for a great list of more blogs to check out!
5.12.10 @ 21:58

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